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A traditional round Christmas wreath or garland can add to the festive spirit in your home in 2013.

We have a huge range of wreaths and garlands from leading UK stores including Marks and Spencer, B&Q, Argos, John Lewis, Sainsburys, Tesco, Woolworths and Amazon - at the best prices around.

A festive wreath can be made from various materials including wicker, mistletoe, willow twigs, tinsel or flowers, leaves and fruits - they are displayed at Christmas to symbolise the Advent season.

Prices for a cheap wreath start at under £10 and rise to more than £50 for top quality products. Garlands prices range from £5 and up.

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Compare prices for artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands for your home

Festive wreaths and garlands - stylish decorations to buy for Xmas

TheChristmas wreath has been around for centuries and its continuing popularity means it will be decorating UK homes for many years to come - we have one of the biggest ranges of indoor and outdoor Xmas wreaths and garlands.

Festive wreaths are great for adding a touch of sparkle to you Yuletide preparations and make an attractive addition to any home - small wreaths or garlands are perfect for hanging on your walls or your Christmas tree, while larger wreaths are often displayed in doorways and hallways, windows, staircases, a conservatory, a fireplace or living room. Outdoor wreaths are also popular with families hanging them on letter boxes, front doors and lamp posts in their gardens and driveways.

Many families like to lay an Xmas wreath flat on the dining table, with a candle in the middle, which makes a lovely centrepiece for Christmas dinner with friends and relatives. Wreaths are available in a range of colours including silver, gold, green, ivory, red, brown, and white and are made from materials including wood shavings, willow twigs, tinsel, feathers, rattan, wicker, wood, mistletoe, fruit, leaves, Poinsettia and flowers.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to buying an artificial wreath and some handmade wreaths come with additional features such as an advent calendar, while others are electric pre-lit light up battery operated wreaths with lights or musical devices. Wreaths are available in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large and extra large. The are normally round but some decorated wreaths are available in other shapes including oval and heart shapes. An artificial festive wreath will last years unlike a fresh real wreath so you can keep it in your loft and take it out when Yuletide arrives each year

Some people with an interest in crafts like to make their own wreath but they are so cheap to buy these days that, for a just a few pounds, you can save yourself the time and effort of buying all the materials necessary to make a wreath yourself.

If you’re looking for a cheap or luxury wreath or garland we have 100’s for you to take a look at from leading UK stores including Marks and Spencer, Sainsburys, Laura Ashley, B&Q, Amazon, Tesco, Argos, John Lewis, Dino Direct, Greenfingers and Habitat - so we’re confident you’ll be able to find a stylish wreath or Xmas garland to suit your budget.

A Yuletide wreath will add a touch of sparkle to your home alongside the traditional Christmas tree and decorations and prices start at under £5 for a small wreath and rise to more than £50 for a top quality wreath. A Christmas wreath also makes an excellent gift for a special friend or relative.

Christmas garlands are available in an extensive range of styles and shapes, and we have some very impressive garlands for you to take a look at - garlands come in various lengths and can be decorated with many different materials including tinsel, crepe paper, gold and silver berries, glitter and shimmering foil paper.

Natural garlands are often made from materials gathered from the garden, trees and hedgerows including fir cones, leaves, twigs and they add a lovely rustic to feel to any home at Christmas.

A Christmas garland can be hung anywhere in your home at Xmas and even outdoors in your garden or on gates and walls. They are also ideal for adding a touch of sparkle to your Christmas tree. You’ll also find Christmas garlands decorating many buildings in the community including shops, restaurants, churches, village hall, businesses and pubs.

Garlands were originally made from flowers and leaves from pine, cedar and spruce trees but the decline of rural foliage at the turn of the 20th century saw a rise in the number of artificial garlands created from synthetic materials in various bright colours including silver, gold, white, green, pink, black, purple and red.

The Xmas wreath is still a popular choice with families at Advent

An Advent wreath is a very simple decoration in concept but some are very intricate in design and style, making them very impressive additions to the home at Christmas and New Year. It basically consists of any combination of twigs, pine cones, dried flowers and leaves, fruits, decorative wood, paper or tinsel which are twisted and moulded into the shape of a ring. The finishing touches are added to the wreath by embellishing it with bright and colourful ribbons and bows.

Many years ago it was common for families to make their own fresh wreaths and garlands. Twigs, pine cones, flowers and leaves would be collected and children and parents would jointly set about creating a wreath to decorate their home during the festive period. The most common place to hang the newly constructed festive wreath was above the fireplace or mantel or on the front door of the house.

The traditional Xmas wreath and garland seems to make an appearance everywhere in the run up to December 25 and they're certainly not confined exclusively to the home - you'll see colourful wreaths in all sorts of places including pubs, restaurants, hotel receptions, shops and offices. And of course no Christmas themed movie would be complete without a wreath making an appearance somewhere on the set.

Where Christianity is concerned, the festive wreath symbolises the coming of Christ in the Advent season. The wreath's circular shape is used as a symbol of eternity. The wreath also has associations with Greek mythology and Roman history.

The history of the Christmas wreath - a symbol of everlasting life

The wreath displayed during the festive season has been around the centuries and has associations with various religions and traditions, but it is perhaps best recognised for its links with Christianity.

Christians use the wreath as a preparation for the Advent season, the coming of Christ. Records show that the first modern Christian wreaths date back to the 16th century Lutherans in Germany.

A reconstructed from cartwheel was used by Johann Wichem to teach children the message and meaning of Christmas. Each Sunday, beginning with the fourth Sunday before Christmas, Wichem placed a white candle in the wreath and for every day in between he added a red candle to it.

The Advent wreath is traditionally constructed from evergreens which represent everlasting life as the circular shape of the wreath is intended to represent God who likewise has no beginning and no end.





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